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A powerful platform developed to save an enormous amount of time, so you can focus on doing high quality analysis

Our platform

- Over 500 trusted sources already connected;

- Possible to customize including your required sources;

- Online search, results in few minutes;

- All in the cloud, no need to install anything or invest in systems;

- Smart matching, get the right name you are looking for and reduce false positives;

- Friendly usage, an intuitive oriented platform;

- Access to multiple applications and reports, built from our customers constant feedback;

- Easy to manage and track history of transactions through simple dashboards;

- Trusted by +2800 companies, helping to safeguard businesses worldwide.

upLexis' platform

A dynamic and organized report from all sorts of source, that is our platform. We check every source which our customer has pointed as important and we generate a report. upMiner checks diversified sources all over the world, like PEP, COAF, Serasa, etc These data are extremely valuable and well-sorted, so they can be clusterized and analyzed by your team.

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Personalized report with crucial informations and indicators from a various data sources.

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Business History

See the history of a company and its key events in a timeline on a single screen.

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Graphical interface of relationships between individuals and organizations.

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Solution that crosses diverse data of individuals and organizations to identify conflicts of interests.

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